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We started our journey in 2018 with our love of making Healthy Dessert. With no experience in Food & Beverages our founder Kuldeep left his IT job & Started making Ice cream in Mother’s Kitchen. We saw a lot of Sugar-Free Products were marketed Healthy and made to look like Healthy with their attractive branding but were actually added with a lot of artificial sweeteners(Maltitol, Sucralose, Maltodextrin) and other fillers.

It took us 6 months to balance protein and natural sweetener with Ice cream and come up with the right solution of making GoWhey Ice cream low in calories, high in protein, and still taste like traditional ice cream. GoWhey has been the go-to place for people with happy tummies and healthy minds since then.

At GoWhey, we made the foundation on day 1 ,
1. We may fail in our experiment but we wont add any fillers to make it work.
2. We wont run in rat race of winning the “HIGH PROTEIN  CONTEST” rather add the highest grade of protein in our product.
3.Healthy foods are suppose to taste delicious. Break the myth it might not taste great.

We started out with four delicious High Protein ice creams. Luckily for us, people wanted more, and we were happy to oblige.

We introduced 4 more Low calorie flavors, and people still wanted more. We introduced Dark Chocolates & Truffles. People asked us if we can experiment with baking? We gave our hands to make Cookies & Brownies and fortunately we suceeded in it.

From making ice cream in kitchen to forming the company , it has been tremendous journey so far. 

Healthy dessert
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Sugar free dessert