Bean to Bar Chocolate

Regular Chocolate VS Bean To Bar Chocolate, Which is Better?

“DONT EAT CHOCOLATE, YOU WILL SPOIL YOUR TEETH” we have all been there in our childhood. Have you ever wondered is it really the chocolate that spoils the teeth?
It’s Sugar inside the chocolate that made our parents believe that chocolates are not good for their beloved ones and took us away from our delicious chocolates.

When we grew up, we were told that “CHOCOLATES MAKES YOU FAT” and again we were kept away from our favourite dessert.

Read on to find out which type of chocolate you should go for and why?
GoWhey Recipe

Overnight oats with GoWhey Vanilla ice cream

Breakfast is skipped due to morning laziness, putting you on the back foot for the day. Overnight Oats is the best healthy breakfast ideas we have come out to make morning easy for you. 

Why you should jump on this recipe ?

Oats are gluten free and has all multivitamins and minerals to start your day & GoWhey Vanilla helps in boosting protein and also top the taste to it .

At GoWhey , we want to help you to achieve best in you.

chocolate bean to bar

Journey from Beans to Chocolate

Ever thought the Chocolate is actually made by grinding natural resource found in nature called Cocoa Beans? 

The journey from cocoa tree to chocolate bar is not complex, but it requires several steps, each of which require careful treatment to get the best from the finished product.