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Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight

21 Sep 2022

We are in world of Marketing where Foods are supposed to “LOOK Healthy” and not be really healthy as food producer add fillers to get their cost down by compromising on the healthy ingredients.


Foods to avoid to lose weight

What's this Marketing Gimmick which has caught us? Our Team will help on foods to avoid to lose weight.

1.”No added Sugar”- Get the Reality Check on this Marketing Gimmick 

We pick the product thinking it does not have sugar and sometimes gift the same to our elderly who are suffering from Diabetes. What this line really mean is the Direct Sugar is not added to your product but anything which contain sugar(Ex-Compound Chocolate containing sugar is added in sugar free cookies) can be added thus indirect sugar is infused in the final product.

2.”Sugar Free” or “Zero Sugar“

This category of food are true to their claims. No Direct or indirect sugar is been added to the product. But what's the problem with this? The Sugar replacement like Maltitol or Maltodextrin or FOS or Sucralose or Aspartame is used to sweeten the product.

Maltitol ,Maltodextrin & FOS are High in GI like Sugar thus act the same way as Sugar whereas Sucralose and Aspartame are low in GI but there complex structure
is so complex to out gut that they don't get digested in our gut and also kills the good bacteria making it worst then sugar.

3. We are listing out few ingredients which we mark on our RED list and are foods to avoid to lose weight.

1.Refined Sunflower oil- Refined Oil are heated in high temperature and looses out all nutrition.
2.Palm Oil- Palm oil is high in saturated fat(Saturated Fat is linked to cholestrol), which has long been linked to heart disease.
3.Hydrogenated Oil or Hydrogenated Butter- Hydrogenation caused the unsaturated fat into Trans fat which is high in cholestrol and causes risk of cardiac disease.
4.Compound Chocolate – Compound chocolate is made with Hydrogenated Oil or butter and sugar.
5.Preservatives(Type 1 & 2)- These compound kills the good bacteria in our gut and do not get digested.

We have omitted all the RED flag ingredients and made sure no bad ingredients are added to our food. From ice creams to baking to chocolates, we have tried our best to serve best food to our consumers.