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Regular Chocolate vs Bean to Bar Chocolate

21 Sep 2022

Here we have tried to explain why we started our range of Bean to Bar Chocolate , do read and let us know your feedback on comment session.


we have all been there in our childhood. Have you ever wondered is it really the chocolate that spoils the teeth?
It’s Sugar inside the chocolate that made our parents believe that chocolates are not good for their beloved ones and took us away from our delicious chocolates.
When we grew up, we were told that “CHOCOLATES MAKES YOU FAT” and again we were kept away from our favourite dessert.

Read on to find out which type of chocolate you should go for and why?

Cheap Regular chocolates are made with vegetable fat, cocoa, Sugar, and a lot of other fillers. What went wrong here? These chocolates have replaced
cocoa butter with vegetable fat which makes them not eligible to be called chocolate at first space.
Studies show that Vegetable fat can cause cancer and has a lot of side effects thus “CHOCOLATES MAKES YOU FAT” is true in the case of Cheap Regular Chocolate.

Regular chocolates are made with 70% sugar and 30% cocoa component. Confused?
Yes, you are eating sugar in the name of chocolate which makes you fat and also spoils your teeth’s health. And then comes Chocolates with a sugar-free version.

We started grabbing them thinking it’s a healthy version of chocolate but still GAINS WEIGHT. What went wrong now? We were trick by their Artificial Sweetener (maltitol, Maltodextrin).
These sweeteners act the same as sugar or some even worst than sugar.

Now let’s talk about, “BEAN TO BAR CHOCOLATE

Ever wondered how chocolates are made from Beans? Don’t stress, we will drive you through the whole process of REAL chocolate Making.
Cocoa Beans are grinded for 24 hours to make chocolate paste followed by molding of chocolate.

There is no vegetable fat or soy lecithin. Bean to Bar chocolates has ruled out the risk of cancer and other side effects. But sugar was still in it which made it high in calories and the enemy of our teeth.

Sugar-free Bean to Bar chocolates from GoWhey is made with Stevia and Erythritol (Natural sweetener occurring in leaves & fruits) making it tooth friendly
and since they are very low in calories making it diet-friendly.

GoWhey Dark Chocolates are very effective in retaining nutrients. The only drawbacks are that the procedure takes too long and is expensive than regular chocolate.

So, Regular chocolate or Bean to Bar chocolate, who won the fight? It’s for you to decide! Give Bean to Bar Chocolate a try, and load up on essential nutrients.
When you see a difference, you will know who the real winner is.

GoWhey Bean to Bar chocolates are made with Cocoa Beans, Sweetener (Erythritol, Stevia), and Whey Protein Isolate. Do give us a try to see the difference.