We are talking the Truth about Sugar.

No Sugar for a Month


Why we hate Sugar ?

“Weight Gain, Blood Sugar Problem, Heart Disease” These name often prompts around us in our day to day life and the major reason for all of them is the consumption of SUGAR.  

Honey vs Brown Sugar vs Jaggery? Who wins the fight?

Honey has trace nutrition and contains a lot of calories. Brown Sugar is the same as normal sugar with little change in color. Jaggery wins the race due to rich in Magnesium, Potassium and Iron(but not preferred during the weight loss diet due to high-calorie content)

What is Maltitol?(found in a lot of sugar-free products)

The sweetener is the same as normal sugar with a different names. Maltitol is made artificially in the lab having the same properties as Sugar. Next time turn towards the ingredient side.

Which is the healthiest sweetener on weight loss journey?

Erythritol and Stevia are the natural sweetener with almost no calorie to zero calorie and does not effect the blood sugar level thus are the best friend during sweet tooth craving.

What is Corn Syrup?(Again found in a lot of sugar free products)

Corn Syrup is hydrolyzed food syrup with maltose and higher oligosaccharides causes to Weight Gain , Heart Diseases and Type 2 Diabetes.

At GoWhey we want to give the best knowledge about the ingredient which will not only help you to overcome NO Sugar for a Month challenge but also help you to maintain day to day healthy life.

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