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Our Chef and Recipes

“An Engineer turned Entrepreneur, our founder Mr. Kuldeep curated all the recipes in his mother's kitchen and got it approved by our Dieticians”.  

Healthy is so boring, isn't it? We are in mission to make your healthy food taste deliciously well without compromising on micronutrients.

From making ice cream in kitchen to forming the company, it has been tremendous journey so far.


Available to All

We believe in living life to the full and living life well. Whether you're a busy business man, coder, a 5 am gym-goer, or a sweet-toothed craver, we want to help you make the most of the everyday. Be good to yourself because a healthy body lets you do amazing things.


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Our mission

Sugar-Free Products are marketed Healthy and made to look like Healthy with their attractive branding but are actually added with a lot of artificial sweeteners(Maltitol, Sucralose, Maltodextrin) and other fillers.

Our Mission is to make products without compromising on ingredients, taste and micronutrient.


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