Almond Caramel Truffles | Protein | Low carbs |

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– Almond Caramel Truffles that will fill your mouth with guilt-free pleasure.
-Our truffles are Keto Friendly & Gluten free.
– In our Almond caramel Truffles, we make sure every bite is filled with Almond.
– Our truffles are high in protein and low in carbs.
– We do not add any artificial sweetener like Maltitol and Sucralose. Our truffle is sweetened with Natural Sweetener(Erythritol and Stevia).

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Caramel Chocolate Truffles are enjoyed worldwide but when we are on weight loss journey, we miss them like most of our favorite desserts. The initial days of diet always looks easy but when the cravings are on top notch , we grab them and feel guilty about it later.

We have found the solution to let you enjoy your favorite dessert with NO GUILT indulgence.

Our Truffles are made with finest Indian cocoa beans crushed in grinder for 24 hours. Almond in every bite fused with caramel(No Sugar).To add more to our Nutrition of chocolate Truffles we add whey protein. Thus our Almond Caramel chocolate truffles are packed with high nutrition (High in protein and low in carbs with No Sugar).We do not add any Vegetable fat or oil to our chocolates nor any preservative(No Soy Lecithin).

Lets RUN through the Facts of Cocoa Beans chocolates,

-Ever thought Chocolates helps to fight Obesity? Yes, Chocolates do help to fight obesity and helps to reduce the weight. We have been in misconception that chocolates are High in calories and should be avoided during our weight loss journey and that’s because Indian Market is driven with Vegetable Fat chocolates which barely has any cocoa component to it and filled with High Sugar.
-Cocoa Beans have the highest plant based source of Iron.
-Cocoa has more Calcium than cow’s milk.
-The Antioxidant packed in cocoa also helps in Blood Sugar control and Heart Health.
-Who does not want to look young? Aging is accelerated due to our current lifestyle.Cocoa helps to slow down Aging.

We wish to serve you the Best Range of Cocoa Beans Chocolate. With these guilt free treats , you can make someone’s Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary or just make your loved one’s day sweet.


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To know more about the Benefits of Cocoa Beans chocolate, please go through benefits of chocolate.