Double Chocolate Cookie with Choco Dip

70.00 65.00

  • Cookies come with the Choco Dip inside, Dip before you eat, or Eat before you dip.
  • High in Protein
  • No Sugar/Palm Oil/Preservative
  • Promotes Healthy Eating(Guilt Free Treat)
  • Full of Taste

Protein Cookies by GoWhey is introduced to make your evening perfect. We found a lot of cookies claiming to be healthy where missing out on either their sweetener or to their nutrition value(High in calories or Carbs). We wanted to bridge this gap. So we introduced GoWhey Protein Cookies.

Why is it different from most of the cookies in the Market?

Each Cookie is packed with 7 to 8 gm of Protein . Is protein the only driving factor one should consume these cookies? The answer is NO.
With Protein packed , it also comes with Zero Sugar , No Palm Oil(We use Cold pressed Coconut Oil) and No Preservative. One things which we guarantee is the taste of our cookies. With so much of compromise from the traditional cookie ingredient(Cheap Fillers used by the companies), one thing we have not compromised is the taste.

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