Sugar Free Dark Chocolate 62% -Strawberry & Cranberry

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  • Enjoy the perfect mix of Cocoa beans and cocoa butter(No Vegetable Fat,No Soy Lecithin)
  • Benefits of Dark chocolates- Helps to Loose Weight,High in Antioxidant(Removes unhealthy fillers from the body),Lower Blood Pressure, Protect your skin(You will start aging backward).
  • With No Added sugar and artificial sweetener, we use Stevia and Erythritol to sweeten our chocolates.
  • Highly Recommended to add Dark chocolates to daily dosage in diet.

Strawberry Chocolate with a bunch of cranberry dipped in Chocolate is the heaven for weight watchers who don’t want to miss sweet tooth in their journey of loosing weight. Chocolate and weight loss journey? Did we read it write?

We have been pushed so bad with the marketing that we loose out on lot of good information. We have been brainwashed that chocolates should not be consumed during your fitness journey. But most of us do not know whats the REAL chocolate is all about? In Indian Market , most of the chocolates available are actually handful of sugar with vegetable fat and very little component of cocoa to it.

REAL CHOCOLATES are made with Cocoa Mass and Cocoa Butter. Cocoa Beans are grinned for 24 hours followed by tempering to make into chocolates.

Dark Chocolates are so healthy that it should be consumed on daily basis. Study shows that consuming Dark chocolate (50gm) everyday for 14 days can reduce levels of the stress hormone in our body. It also helps in reducing blood pressure. Stress and Depression are 2 biggest threat to our lifestyle, but are we doing anything about it? We don’t say that Dark chocolates are the ONLY solution to it but yes its one of the solution which can be taken in our diet with NO big hustle.

So the answer to question is YES, Dark Chocolates are high in Anti-oxidation property and helps to loose weight.

Lets RUN through the Facts of Cocoa Beans chocolates,

-Cocoa Beans have the highest plant based source of Iron.
-Cocoa has more Calcium than cow’s milk.
-The Antioxidant packed in cocoa also helps in Blood Sugar control and Heart Health.
-Who does not want to look young? Aging is accelerated due to our current lifestyle. Cocoa helps to slow down Aging.

Our Sugar free Dark Chocolate Keto bar is made with finest Indian cocoa mass, cocoa butter and whey protein (No Soy Lecithin). It is packed with high nutrition- High in protein and low in carbs.

Lets drive through when a Foreigner meets Desi?

Our Strawberry(Indian berry) has met the Cranberry(Foreign berry) in the heaven of  sugar free Dark chocolate. Both the berries go so good with each other in Dark chocolates that every bite will tend you to eat more.

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To know more about the Benefits of Cocoa Beans chocolate, please go through benefits of chocolate.